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GRIDWALK™ High Strength Molded Fiberglass Grating is the ultimate in fiberglass grating. American Grating is the only manufacturer to offer this stronger fiberglass grating at the same cost as the standard molded fiberglass grating. GRIDWALK™ Square / Rectangular Mesh fiberglass grating is both versatile and flexible in industrial applications. The square/rectangular fiberglass grating is used for flooring, trench covers, stairs, and walkways. This type of fiberglass grating is also corrosion and impact resistant, lightweight, and non-slip. GRIDWALK™ High Strength Molded Fiberglass Grating is available in many different colors, panel sizes, resin choices, and heights. When selecting fiberglass grating, be certain to review the “Resin and Color Selection Guide” for your application.

Typical Applications of GRIDWALK™ Square / Rectangular Mesh fiberglass grating:

• Flooring
• Trench Covers
• Stairs
• Walkways

Select Advantages of GRIDWALK™ Square / Rectangular Mesh fiberglass grating:

• Corrosion Resistant
• Impact Resistant
• Lightweight
• Non-Slip

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